Tabular Candle Mould 15MM

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  • Tabular Mould
  • 15 MM Aluminium Candle Mould:

    No of Cavity: 10 or 20 Nos
    Weight: 18 to 25 Grams
    Size: 15 MM X 172 MM

    Size can be adjusted according to the weight needed

    We KPC India (KPC Casting) manufactures variety of Aluminium Candle Moulds using 1st Grade Aluminium.
    Why Aluminium in Candle Moulds
    Aluminium is the fastest Cooling metal. Which is used in most of the cooling Process. Hence we use Aluminium for Candle Moulds. We use first grade Aluminium Casting Alloy LM25 for our Candle Mould Manufacturing. Aluminium gives long life, accuracy &Time efficiency.

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